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Chiropractor Columbus Indiana - New-Start Health Center - Dr. Trent Mozingo

Meet Dr. Moz

Chiropractor Columbus Indiana - New-Start Health Center - Dr. Trent Mozingo Growing up on a farm in Southeastern Indiana, Dr. Trent Mozingo quickly learned about the hard work that goes into everyday life, including the associated mental and physical stress. Becoming a doctor and treating patients was always Dr. Mozingo’s dream, but it wasn’t until half way through his sixteenth year that he realized Chiropractic care was his calling.

Following recovery from major injuries suffered in a car accident, Dr. Mozingo sought after chiropractic care to restore mobility and to reduce back pain. Following a treatment plan and excellent clinical results, Dr. Mozingo knew that chiropractic was the patient care profession of choice.

Dr. Mozingo enrolled in Purdue University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Upon completion of Purdue’s curriculum, Dr. Mozingo earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida.

During his time at Palmer, Dr. Mozingo, focused his education on a scientific approach to chiropractic care, where evidence backs up each diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally, Dr. Mozingo gave much attention to nutrition, inflammatory diseases, and the American diet. While musculoskeletal pain is the initial reason he pursued a chiropractic education, Dr. Mozingo has focused most of his patient treatment plans to the prevention of disease, with proper lifestyle changes.

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This principle starts with balanced dietary intake and ends with sufficient physical output. New-Start Health Center provides patients with an evidence-based education on diet and exercise, while providing start-of-the-art weight loss programs, as well as organic nutritional supplementation to fill the voids in the American diet.

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